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The MTR+I3 Project

This FP6 MTR+I3 reinforces a major evolution toward the following key objectives :

The JHR-CP Project

Nature and scope of the project

JHR is a mature project of European interest and consequently is identified as a research infrastructure of pan-European interest by the European Strategic Forum on Research Infrastructure (ESFRI ). Because JHR is a key research infrastructure of pan-European interest and is opened to international cooperation, 20% of the JHR Project costs are supported by european and international partners. Several european research institutes and utilities have decided to join the JHR Project for having a long term access to an up-to-date high performance research infrastructure. In the same way, as a contribution to the JHR construction, the JHR-CP gathered well known European research institutes: CEA (France) CIEMAT (Spain), UJV-NRI (Czech Republic), SCK-CEN (Belgium), and VTT (Finland). Some of them have gathered a pool of several national public and private partners, like CIEMAT, which asked two Spanish private partners (Empresarios Agrupados and ENSA) to participate in JHR-CP for their competences in materials manufacturing within the nuclear field.


The present JHR-CP addresses a preparatory phase for the JHR project. This preparatory phase aims at improving the project maturity required to enable the construction work. In consequence the JHR-CP actions will cover relevant outstanding issues in the following areas:

• Strategic plan for qualification program of critical components: this qualification program is a structuring item to enable the licensing process, facing today's state-of-art safety requirements for MTRs.

• Technical works: topics have been selected for their impact within the MTR's community as partial qualification tests for material and fuel used in the JHR construction and definition of the methodology for studying the JHR mastered severe accident (BORAX type)

• Project logistics: two activities are required to prepare the future utilisation of JHR by the European community. The first one addresses the training of JHR experimentators. The second one addresses the production of a users-handbook for operation and experimentation. The proposed JHR-CP actions are at the front-edge of the JHR Project. These actions will provide high added value steps toward the implementation of a new European Material.  

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