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Simulator of the JHR functions dedicated to the training

Marc Le Ru and Pascal Gosset, SJHR Operation engineers in front of the simulator.

JHR will be a complex experimental reactor with high performances and with similar Safety standards as NPP such EPR. The input data are constraints that must be masterized to safely operate the reactor. To do so, it is very useful to have a simulator of the different operation modes, in complement to appropriation phases of JHR during its construction.

Except for PHENIX, CEA never used before training simulator for its Research Reactors dedicated to normal, incidental and accidental scenarios having inside some core physic and thermohydraulics models.

The simulator developed in Cadarache by AREVA and Corys companies allows to JHR staff to get appropriation of parts of the facility before writing the General Operation Rules and start the training of future Operators.

This training will allow the Operators to manage the reactor in any situation. Regarding the complexity of JHR, about 3 000 alarms could be activated which necessitate a good training of the operators to get the good behavior.

Since half 2016, a second version of the simulator allows training of future JHR Operators for about 80 people.

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