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Simulator of the JHR functions dedicated to the training

Training of the future JHR Operators

JHR will be a complex experimental reactor with high performances and with similar Safety standards as NPP such EPR. To train the future operator, CEA has decided to use a dedicated simulator able to simulate various scenarios on steady-state situation, incidental situation and accidental situation: this simulator uses realistic models of core-physic and thermos-hydraulic.



The simulator called SimJHR developed by the 2 companies TechnicAtome and Corys, allows the appropriation of the reactor functioning and is a precious tool to write the operating documentation.
In parallel to the construction and setting-up of the reactor, this simulator allows to start training of the future operator with the objectives to manage all the various situations. In fact considering the complexity of the JHR there is about 3000 alarms that may be able to become active, meaning a good training to get the best reaction of the operator.
The first members of the future JHR Operator already got such training session using the simulator; the feedback allows to indicate some limitations of the physical models then leading to some improvement.
A next version of the simulator will be coupled to the emulator of the centralized command-control to enhance the training of all the operators.

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