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The JHR plant is under construction on the CEA Cadarache Research Centre

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The JHR includes

Concrete pouring of the dome – January 2015

The construction and economic impact


Iron Bars reassessment of reactor building dome
november 2016

The construction period of JHR (2007-2016) will generate in average between 100 up to 300 direct employees on site and between 300 to 1000 indirect employees according to the different phase of the building.

After a commissioning phase to start-up the reactor, the Operating period will need about 150 people. The expected lifetime of the reactor is about 50 years.

The total investment is of about 750 M€ of which about 2/3 are spend in the Provence County.

The facility is located within CEA-Cadarache Research Centre. About 50 exceptional convoys will be necessary to transport big components (pumps, cranes….).

The construction phase has been launched 19th March 2007 during an official ceremony in the presence of the ministry of Industry and all the members of the international consortium who is funding the reactor. Building permit has been received on 3rd October 2007.

Complementary Safety Assessment

Following the Fukushima-Daïchi accident last March 2011, the French Nuclear Safety Authority has requested , for all French nuclear facility, a complete Safety Assessment (called stress-tests) based on WENRA (Western Europe Nuclear Regulator Association) recommendations (and this in agreement with many regulators in European Union).

WENRA European Stress Test

This complementary Safety Assessment of JHR has been done in a very tight schedule and the report has been given to the regulator by mid-September 2011. It demonstrates the robustness of JHR facility versus natural events with level higher than the ones used for dimensioning.

Nevertheless, supplementary measures will be taken by the Cadarache centre to improve this robustness and so having more Safety margins considering the dimensioning of the Facility.

Complementary Safety Assessment report (French version)

Main phases of the building site

See Building News

JHR information's leaflet (English version)

Call for tenders

European and international companies' contribution

By the end on November 2011, all the main contracts for JHR construction have been launched

The purchasing informations are available on the following web sites :

Tender notices are published on this website, which stands for the single official source of public contracts in Europe. Most of public procurement notices are sent for publication through an electronic channel.
Most of the call for tenders are open to European and International Companies. The following link indicates the follow-up time schedule for procurement.

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