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Complementary Safety Assessment

For more see Complementary Safety Assessment report

Building News


Concrete pouring of the dome – January 2015

Visiting the JHR building site - November 2016

Iron Bars reassessment Reactor Building dome - November 2016

Setting-up of the heavy post in the roof of the Auxiliary Unit Building  – September to November 2016

Installation of heavy crane – September to November 2016

Hot Cells: installation of the last sliding door and tests
September to November 2016

Security and staff on the building site

0 accident with stop during January 2016
In average 249 workers in the building site (January 2016) (except MOE)
In average 466 workers in construction area during January 2016 (production + non production people)
Number of hours of work since the beginning of the building: 5 418 384
35 accidents with stop of work happened since the beginning of the building (January 2009)

Seminar News

JHR 5th Yearly Seminar Nuclear and Medicine – 2017 – Register now

Saturday June 10th 2017 – 9h30-17h. This seminar organized by CEA Cadarache will give the opportunity to health professionals, nuclear doctors and CEA researchers to share about radio-isotopes production for medical use and medical diagnosis. The main subject of this 5th edition is the Nuclear Research Building Unit Jules Horowitz (JHR) at Cadarache, which will be devoted, among other purposes, to produce different radio-isotopes for medical application. Their utilization for medical diagnosis with new research approach in oncology such as theranostic and internal vectorised radiotherapy will be exposed.
Free seminar open to every health professionals. Register obligatory before May 30th 2017 : medecinenucleaire[at]cea.fr

Invitation Médecine et Nucléaire du 10 juin 2017



Echoes from 4th Yearly Seminar Nuclear and Medicine - 2016



See the video on Dailymotion





Irridiation devices news 

Read about the different devices

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