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Complementary Safety Assessment

For more see Complementary Safety Assessment report (French version)

Building News

Civil work completion: dismantling of the on-site concrete factory - December 2017

Mechanics: Installation of the first feedthrough of the reactor pool – December 2017

Central fixed point for metrology of other feedthrough’s under manufacturing – December 2017

Factory fabrication: view of the casier where will be located the fuel elements on the reactor vessel – December 2017

Security and staff on the building site

0 accident with stop during December 2017
In average 240 workers in the building site (December 2017) (except MOE)
In average 454 workers in construction area during December 2017
(production + non production people)
Number of hours of work since the beginning of the building: 6 419 735
38 accidents with stop of work happened since the beginning of the building (January 2009)

Seminar News

JHR 6th Yearly Seminar Nuclear and Medicine – 2018 – Register now –


Saturday June 2nd 2018 – 9h30-17h30. This seminar organized by CEA Cadarache will give the opportunity to health professionals, nuclear doctors and CEA researchers to share about radio-isotopes production for medical use and medical diagnosis. Conference’s themes of this 6th edition: how radio-isotopes are produced in JHR? What is the manufacturing circuit of radio pharmacy drug, though it is liquid or solid? What innovations of those radio-isotopes can possibly be used in oncology, in cancers treatment and/or medical diagnosis? What are the risks of the radioactive dose effects on human bodies?
Exceptional: the visit of JHR research reactor construction is included in this program.


Free seminar open to every doctor and health professionals.
Register obligatory before May 2nd 2018:

Invitation and program Nuclear and Medicine June 2nd 2018

Echoes from 5th Yearly Seminar Nuclear and Medicine – 2017









See the video on Youtube


Services news

Visiting SJHR

The settting-up and training of the future operation team

" First criticality of the reactor is foreseen second semester of 2021. However, preparation of operation has already started few years ago in order to have everyone ready for the D Day…With in fact a team able to perfectly operate the reactor in a safe manner as soon as the divergence will appear. To do so, the laboratory in charge of operation and integration of the experimental devices follows a road-map in 3 phases: preparation of the operation, participation to the various tests and later on…operate the JHR. Today this laboratory consists of 28 persons but will have to reach for the divergence not less than 85 persons: there is only 4 years to recruit and trained these more than 50 persons: a real challenge !"

Read more in Atout Cadarache n°46, december 2017

International Visitors News

ROSATOM, State Atomic Energy Corporation of Russia

The 11st of September 2017: Alexeï LIKHACHEV, General Director of ROSATOM, chief of the Russian delegation and his team were received by CEA general administrator and JHR projects directors. (crédit photo CEA Cadarache)

CAEA, China Atomic Energy Authority

The 21st of November 2017, chief of the delegation: SHEN Lixin, Deputy Director General CAEA (China Atomic Energy Agency) and his team were received by CEA international relationship director and JHR projects directors.
(crédit photo CEA Cadarache)

Irridiation devices news 

Read about the different devices

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